#NNGT – review from David Mackay

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Introduction from Annie Lloyd

So the show is over. And we promised feedback for the winners but Dave Mackay, being the proper human being he is, has written something for everyone in the final.

However, let me go back a little to the semi finals because there were acts there that could easily have been in the final. As I mentioned in my previous article, the decision making process for the judges was really challenging and we stayed on after each semi until around midnight deliberating. Life is like that, decisions do have to be made because we are all constrained by limitation. Making choices like that does not mean others were rejected so much as the choice was about both putting on a show that had a variety of acts. Eventually, we made our decision on the basis of who was demonstrating their own individuality and revealing what is unique about themselves. Often the way to achieve a great ability to perform begins with inspiration and several of you had amazing voices – truly. There were powerful copies of successful artists.

But being yourself is the best thing you can ever be. We still want to encourage you and we would like you to consider entering again next year. You know how we made our decisions and why. Fundamentally this is because your originality is something no one else can compete with and what is going to draw interest and attention. At some level, we are all looking for what is new because Evolution essentially supports the new. Of course, it takes courage and confidence to reveal this and every parent knows that their child is special. Those of you with incredibly supportive parents are very lucky. I am sure they will continue to do this despite the disappointment of not taking part in the final or not winning in the final.

PLEASE continue to be involved in what has been started. It is a fantastic opportunity to have the experience of performing and seeing how each of you develop and grow and this for returning audiences to witness and evaluate for themselves. In the same way as national audiences take acts to their hearts, the good folk of Norfolk will do the same for each of you but with the additional bonus of people feeling that in some way you belong to them because of our shared geographical location. It is all too easy to forget that performers need their audiences and we were so lucky to have had the audiences we had. There was huge generosity, warmth, receptivity and heart that came back to every performer from the audience.

I could see so much improvement and so many of you are still so young, imagine how brilliant for us to see how you develop from one year to another. Yes, of course, each of you wants to win, and that is a given, but to have been involved in what was such a success and part of something that will grow because of that success will inspire others to get involved make it possible for you to be the inspiration to others.

That inspiration also applies to those of you who were more senior in years and entered. Imagine the encouragement there is for people who have always wanted to perform to see older people still doing getting up there and performing still!

The aim of #NNGT all along, even if it was not hugely publicised, was, and remains, and that is to encourage local would be performers to believe in themselves; have access to constructive, informed support, along with geniune encouragement and entertain us.

The staff, too, at the theatre felt the magic of what Norfolk still does so well. OK, so we, living out on the bump have perhaps been left behind from the advances of the modern world because we have no major motorways but ,for those of us who know only too well how modernity seems to be losing its heart, what Norfolk has is very, very special. As with the talent show this year, next year this event will be open to anyone connected to Norfolk. It is the show that will be held again in North Norfolk and as such we fulfil our title! No longer “Got Talent”, we have found our own identity having been inspired, we have Got Talent. This we have established.

Truly, we at COAST cannot thank you enough, every single one of you for participating irrespective of the level you got to. Please consider entering next year and also, if you feel you’d like to be involved behind the scenes, there are vital contributions to be made. We are always looking for trustees. Next year’s Coast Festival is going to be very different, be part of it!


-Annie Lloyd, Judge and Coast Arts


Here is what David MacKay has to say to each of you.


It’s a bit David Mackaytrite to say, “Judging a diverse talent show is difficult”
It really isn’t. It’s just impossible.
How can we determine who is a star of the future “against” another performer of a different style? Thursday evening there were 10 winners and a Guinea pig or two!
We can say, the best dancers were Lost Talent, the best comedian was Dylan and both deserved to win. And the great thing is, they ALL CAN win, if encouraged, nurtured and have the burning desire to succeed.

What does it take to succeed? Certainly in today’s market, luck plays a major part and that is a great pity. We can’t guarantee the luck. BUT before the luck comes into the equation, you have to have the burning desire to succeed, and that takes discipline and commitment. We could see quite a lot of that on the stage, but these are the first steps only and what happens next is really up to you all as individuals.
We as judges are always here to give you advice and help where we can.

Lost TalentLost Talent.

Well on the stage, there was talent and it definitely wasn’t lost! The dance school is doing a wonderful job. You clearly all have the discipline for whoever is choreographing and schooling you is well aware of how important that is. You are a credit to them and your families. If any of you choose a career in dancing, theatre, TV… you have the ability. Remember winning a talent show is not important. Dancing and working to the best of your ability is and it will open many opportunities.

Danielle HomerDanielle Homer.

What a GREAT voice and a GREAT presence on stage. The timbre of the lower end of your range is exceptional and the top is not far behind. Work on extending your range. It is already extremely good and could be stunning. To do that just exercise. Simply sing scales going down as low as you can and it will extend, and the same going upwards.  It’s that simple. You already have quite a distinctive sound. Keep looking for little quirks a little like Amy Winehouse did. Would be most interested in hearing you in a year or two.

Olivia WatsonOlivia and Rob.

I have your CD and will listen to it over the coming weeks.
Clearly the nerves got to you in the first half but you nailed “On my own”. You lost yourself in the moment and LIVED that song. It was perfection. THAT is where your future lies in my opinion. The quality of song choice to suit your voice is important. Rob you are clearly an excellent guitarist. Enough said.

Into The Crowd
Into the Crowd.

Four lovely girls. You remind me of myself at the age of 13 or 14 when I started a vocal group. We sang in harmony. I was studying music theory from an early age. One thing is to look at the harmonic voicing. Which notes you double up, where you can find the “added ” notes to make the harmony more interesting (adding the second note of the chord, or the 6th, etc. simple additions). NEXT you have to create an ACT. You don’t have to dance, but you need to move, and to believe in the song (if you saw the simple movement by GELO you would get an idea of how simple presentation grabs an audience). Enjoy your music and the audience will enjoy you.

Dylan WilsonDylan Wilson.

What a lad. You could develop into a huge talent. I have worked over years with a comic, Barry Humphries who is a genius. A complex character but an incredible talent. He began at university so you already have a head start on him. As to how and where you try out your material I confess I have no expertise. But material and delivery are clearly the skill. You were a real winner in the show; don’t take the result as any indication or a slight on your talent, which inspired ALL of us, so called judges! The most important judges for you are yourself and the audience! Keep developing your style and make it as unique as you can.

Jack GoodacreJack, Dad (Tim) and Perry.

Great potential, but something to guard and protect. As Dad knows it can make or ruin your life. Performing needs to be something you enjoy and perform to make an enjoyable living, but if it becomes your “reason” for living, it can become a sad waste. Jack has a natural talent clearly coming out of family, which is the greatest base from where to begin. Tim, I believe you have a studio. If you record tracks with Jack I would always be happy to hear what you are doing. If you continue as an act together, I think you need to set up so you are closer to Jack so you can bounce off one another. You are the driving force. Perry you play well, but enjoy it more and perform. The atmosphere you create behind Jack is really important.

Elena IoannouElena Ioannou.

Clearly Elena you enjoy singing, and to go forward there are a few things to concentrate on. Firstly develop your vocal range and power. To increase your range, sing a descending scale and go as low as you can, then the same going up. Deep breaths hold them as long as you can then exhale as slow as you can. (Exhale onto a lit candle and see if you can do it without the candle flickering. That will help your breath control.) Running is a great exercise to build those muscles needed in singing.
You play the basic chords on the piano. You now need to either take lessons on the piano so you play a fuller accompaniment or concentrate on singing and find someone to play for you. Keep that smile and enjoyment.


Well you guys play and enjoy it and it’s infectious. I really think if you could make a great CD. However it has to be thought through. Your idea of Honky Tonk woman done laid back acoustic and nice gentle harmony was inspired. Personally I would look for classic rock songs in that area (Stones, Queen etc) and arrange them in EXACTLY the same style. To record such an album should cost very little and pressing them is cheap so you could sell them and make some good money. Worth a punt. Just be critical on your guitar tuning, as on the first song it was just the tiniest bit out. Nothing big but be aware of it. As an idea, an album of Stones hits in your soft laidback style.
As tears go by
It’s all over now
Its only rock and roll
Lets spend the night together
Paint it black
Jumping jack flash
Honky tonk woman
Get off of my cloud
Tumbling dice
I would go for an album like that. Give it some thought!

ChristinaWintersChristina Winters.

What a great lady you are. You made me feel proud just watching you. There are many about who do the same thing but you carry it off well and clearly enjoy it. Your cover of the Michael Buble song really suited you. Whereas Mustang Sally was fun, it was the warmth you put into “I’m coming home” which was touching and so believable. It’s hard to advise you as to what to do as clearly there isn’t a lot of paying cabaret work these days (maybe there is more in Norfolk, I am not sure) but I believe you sing for enjoyment and sharing that enjoyment is a gift you share so well.


So well done chaps. I can’t advise you on you vocals as they are perfection I do hope you perform with the Elvis years in front of that audience and wish you well. I strongly suggest you research getting an audition reel to cruise booking companies, as you would be naturals. I will attempt to find the name of one I know here but most of them are in Florida. I would for now suggest you write to Holland America in Florida and enquire as to who books their talent. Will do what I can!


images © Andreas Yiami